Monday, March 05, 2007

Optimistic......Am I ?

This is about something which has been weighing on my mind for ages...often I used to talk with some of my friends, my relatives,and get this same feeling...It's like this..Every time when I talk with people, and issue cropping up for discussion is "current situation in India" ,the discussion would take a mighty turn to the same old cribbings about
corruption,powerty,population,rural (un)development, poor health scene,child labour etc etc etc...
Then I used to take a back seat int the discussion and think India in that bad a situation?I used to think on this many times...Due to this, there were periods of time when I used to look at each nook and corner of a newspaper to really know whats happening out there....There are murders, there are thefts.there are scams,rapes. bomb-blasts and what not...
But then there are other things too...There are reports about some village in rajasthan ,which was (in)-famous for suicides now becoming completely independent in terms water for drinking and irrigation.Then ,there is a report of a senior IAS officer taking chief-minister head-on for his mis-deeds..Then there are stories about some youth in uttar pradesh who starts school for freed-child labourers.Then there is some news about tremendous growth observed in exports from india of text-tiles and handlooms.
That made me think and come to the question again and again: Is it all too bad?surely not..Its just the way we look at it..people who compare india with other developed nations and frown should note that these developed nations were free and developing for last hundreds of years, and they too must have faced many road-blocks.The fact of the matter is India is developing faster than the growth of other countries in the similar conditions.
Then what do I worry about? I worry about the attitude due to which we worry when its not necessary ,and itself becomes a reason for worry.Another thing I worry about is the mindset..Let me give an example..I was looking at the newspaper one day, on a page everywhere I saw some or the other reports, some about new social programmes that some people have voluntarily taken up, then a report describing the story of a physically-challenged girl appearing for and getting selected for CAT, and all such stories of grit, determination, social empowerment and ....there!- I see the news of some state political party raging a havoc by demonstrations about whether the school childern in government-run schools should be given an egg or just milk-bread? That left me really exasparated...I fail to understand how can these parties take up such petty issues and fight over them? I mean, how DARE they, when all around, they see a huge pile of serious problems (and with they, being the ones who can really make a huge difference..) They should really have just a smallest glance over the newspapers, and I'm sure they will feel ashamed in their heart about what they are fighting about..
It is these things that I worry about the most ! Surely,this is something like that story of an elephant and 5 blind men..Each one touches a different part of elephant and concludes differently about what this creature would be like...Similarly, here noone knows the complete situation and relies on what all HE/SHE has heard ! Not that I feel that is the end of the story (as I see atleasts a handful of people taking those responsibilities), but still the process would require much less time if these parties decide for themselves...In any case, I am not one of those who feel the situation has got out of our hands..Surely Not!!