Sunday, August 21, 2011

Clearing the cobwebs..

Ever get a feeling that all day you are sitting at your office working, or spent a Sunday just doing random things, and near the end of the day, you feel like you have umpteen things to think about.. Not just about the impending work in the coming week, or some errands you have to run, or some things you planned and forgot.. Its not like you have a list ready in your head of all such things, but you know that there are a bunch of them like these somewhere inside your head.. like some cobwebs hanging in some corner ?

Well, for some, that’s a classic Sunday evening feeling.. You procrastinate through the weekend, not really thinking about those things to do, until you absolutely have to. Well, at these times, something that often helps clear those cobwebs from one’s mind is to take a walk..

Thankfully for me, the hilly landscapes around provide ample opportunities of just walking aimlessly in those scenic places, as I did today. With the twilight sun shining once in a while through the clouds, painting the quaint little buildings in the campus yellow, I walk right down the slopes. As I reach one of the waterfalls from the gorge, it welcomes me with a deafening roar. The shade of the water ranges from a milky white at the noisiest places to a calm and transparent brown (showing the land beneath) as it passes the rocks forming a nice little stream. Sun continues to play hide-and-seek as the water gleams golden at places..

Walking further down, I reach the lakeside to a view of a beautiful cloudy evening. Clouds are like the magical curtains of this play, with the sun behind these clouds mustering all the colors that it could: shades of red, purple and yellow. The clouds are reflected on a virtually motionless water surface, only to be disturbed a little at times, by the ripples created by ducks somewhere far down. A white streak of an airplane trail also adds its beauty to the sky. A light breeze keeping the evening alive..

Things like these, although quite engrossing in themselves, help clear that thinking process in your head. List out all those unfinished tasks in your mind, cleaning those cobwebs one by one, slowly but surely. Giving time for some introspection.. some planning..

Suddenly the breeze turns into a gusting wind, and the clouds have taken it upon themselves to make sure that I don’t go back home ‘high and dry’.. Sudden refreshing showers don’t last long.. They are quickly replaced within minutes by a clearer sky and an ever more stronger and fresher breeze..

As I return home after the walk, its not just the skies that are clear, but my mind too.. The cobwebs are no more...